TV and Film Excerpts

Here is a sampling of compositions written for, and used in Film, TV and Radio.

Then There's Vegas
Co-written with Peter Tolan for the movie Finding Amanda starring Matthew Broderick, Then There's Vegas has also been used in the HBO sports documentary Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV.
Blues For Wes
Written for Aircraft Music Library, it became the theme for Saturday Night Live's "Black Perspective" Sketch
Blues on a Cruise
Used in Analyze This, and many other TV shows
CaiO Sol
Written in the Jobim style, the lyrics and vocal are by Teresa Ines
Celtic Moondance
Performed and used for Walker:Texas Ranger scene
Dave Chappelle FOX Pilot theme
Written and used for a FOX sitcom Pilot for Dave
"ER" Tango
Originally written and used for Loveboat, it was also featured in ER, Providence,Passions,Watching Ellie, The Beat and others
Hula Hands
A Hawaiian/Muzak piece used in Providence and other shows
Monitor Radio Theme
Written for Monitor Radio World Broadcast news and heard internationally for several years
Smooth Cruise
A generic "smooth jazz" tune.
Style and Substance Main Title
The Main title to the ABC Show "Style and Substance" starring Jean Smart, this opening sequence was an "Over-the-top" Broadway production number.

Updated 10/11/12