Music Library/Film/TV Montage

This is a 7 minute montage (13.5meg MP3) of Library/Film/TV music cuts—a collection of Brad's pieces used in Film and Television.

Some are from Music Libraries, and others were custom composed for shows/films. These songs vary widely, as nearly all of them were written for specific shows/scenes. You should have a few laughs along the way… In many cases, Brad played all the instrument parts (using synths and samplers} with a few live players overdubbed. There are obvious “Live Sessions” as well.

A listing of timings and the excerpt playing at that point:

0:00 African Odyssey (1991}
Composed for Aircraft Music Library, mixed by Carl Beatty using all the SSL inputs! Brad played all parts using synths, Synclavier, drum modules, recorders.
0:30 Trio Filler (2003}
Written for “One Life to Live” for a wedding scene.
0:43 Cinderella (2003}
Music Box piece used recently in the TV drama The District
0:52 Men in Black demo (2002}
This almost made it in the latest Men in Black. It’ll get used sometime.
1:14 Bird Bop (1992}
Composed for Aircraft, features Gaye Tolan Hatfield on vocals!
1:20 Maui Sunset (1999}
Written for broadcast with numerous uses.
1:35 Orleans Gumbo (2000}
In a movie called Chain of Fools starring Jeff Goldblum.
1:44 Cheesy Boogaloo (2001}
In the style of Austin Powers, has had several uses.
1:55 Chemical Waste (2001}
Written for a Soap for scenes that took place in a club featuring this type of music.
2:09 Style End Credits (1997}
End Credits for Style and Substance CBS sitcom.
2:23 Sanyal 1 (2001}
Classical Indian singer Kumkum Sanyal improvises to Brad's track for Indian Restaurant scenes.
2:45 Sin Ti (2001}
Composed to picture for the movie In the Time of the Butterflies. This had to sync with onscreen dancing and band. Lyrics by Nora Cofresi.
3:02 Tango Bradere (1998}
Originally written and used for the new Love Boat series, this and 2 other Tangos have been used dozens of times including, ER, Melrose Place, Watching Ellie, Providence, Pensecola Wings of Gold and others.
3:21 Hip Hop to Chicago (1996}
Written for Megatrax Music Library, this version was recorded with Mordy Ferber featuring Peter Erskine, Will Lee and Tiger Okoshi.
3:49 Rambling Road (1997}
Brad's first custom written feature film placement in the film Cop Land, yes, music coming from a convenience store ceiling, so beautiful….
4:02 Dave Chappelle (1998}
Theme from one of the Fox pilots Brad scored for the comedian.
4:15 Style Pilot #1 (1996}
An earlier pilot for Style and Substance performed by the Lydian String Quartet.
4:22 Blues For Wes (1992}
Written for Aircraft, it’s the theme for Saturday Night Live Black Perspective.
4:38 Last Train Home (1993}
Written for Aircraft, this was a request for a “smells a-like” the worst kind of assignment, can you guess what it’s modeled after????
4:52 King of Chill (2003}
Written for daytime TV for a club that plays “Chill Out” music.
5:20 Post Bop (1993}
Written for Aircraft, features Greg Hopkins, Scott Gillman and Bruce Nifong.
5:50 Stand Up! (2001}
Written as a demo for talk show Jenny Jones, the lyrics were revised to be a little more generic for future usage. It features Donald Sanders and Corinne Chase on vocals.
6:05 All I Ever Wanted (2000}
This has been used on several occasions, features Ellis Hall III on vocals and Peter Murray on soprano sax.